2017-08-21 (M) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

There was an eclipse today! In Minnesota, we saw 83% coverage which was pretty impressive. It was cloudy that day which seemed like it would be disappointing but the cloud cover made it easy to photograph the sun without any filters.

I won't clutter this blog with eclipse pictures but I have a photo album with some more. One of the easiest ways to photograph the sun was to catch its reflection in a car window so some of my sunbeam pictures were bounced off a Beamer first.

Partial eclipse

Enough background.

A second tagger was assembled. A pre-wire butt stock and pre-wired forward array were added and all the wires were stripped. Wires to the reload button and trigger were connected and stripped. Everything was run to another control board with an unprogrammed Arduino. This tagger was wired with all the standard color wires.

Tagger #2 control board

Sensor modules were added to the sides of the tagger. The holes had to be drilled out since the available screws were too large. This broke one of the traces so that had to be repaired with some scrap wire. The next revision of the sensor boards should accommodate larger screws and the next time these boards are used, the correctly sized screws should be available.

Sensor board mounted on tagger

A short video was taken with a probe camera as it was pulled through the inside of the tagger. This doesn't prove anything or serve any purpose other than it was kind of neat to see inside the tagger while it was assembled. The video is approximately forty-one seconds long.

Internal tagger video

The assembled taggers were placed together for a quick photograph. With two taggers, it will be possible to conduct an actual game with real equipment.  The newly assembled tagger is near the top of the picture.

Two wired and assembled taggers


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2017-08-21 (M)