2017-08-29 (Tu) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

The latest version of NOOBS was downloaded from Raspberrypi.org and copied to two 4Gb microSD cards. Spare Raspberry Pi Zeros were connected to a television, keyboard, and mouse. It was a typical installation which was made easier since the Raspberry Pi Zeros from the taggers wasn't necessary. The beauty of standard hardware was that it wasn't critical to use the exact computers during the install.

NOOBS installation screen and two Raspberry Pi Zeros

USB hubs and cables were run to each Arduino and Raspberry Pi Zero. Each hub had a spot for a keyboard/mouse so it could be accessed in order to start the game or any other game added in the future. The HDMI port was kept open for the same reason. It would be possible to launch games from a serial terminal but that will have to wait for a future iteration.

Arduinos connected to Raspberry Pi Zeros


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2017-08-29 (Tu)