2017-09-03 (Su) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Troubleshooting the taggers has not been going well. Tagger number one was examined yesterday and it had problems.

There seemed to be a problem connecting tagger number two's computer with the Arduino inside. Different battery packs were tried for added current, different ports on the USB adapter were used, and the Raspberry Pi was reset several times. Until the lid was removed, it wasn't obvious that the Arduino had come off the socket and was hanging loose inside the pipe.

"Well, there's your problem"

Once the Arduino was connected again, some of the lights on the sides malfunctioned. The sensor board could be the culprit here. Infrared reception to the controller seemed to work but it also interfered with the signal to the LED strips.

Malfunctioning lights

So much work is going into troubleshooting that it shouldn't be done on this blog any more. Instead, another project will become the mainstay while troubleshooting continues behind the scenes. When I implied that I engineered 24 hours per day, I should have said 26.

Scramble of parts


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2017-09-03 (Su)