2017-09-24 (Su) Electronic Business Card, 555 Timer, Busi555Rake FAILURE

A second revision was made to the Busi555Rake card. This version featured solder pads which ran to the edges of the rake fingers. This was redesigned so the rake fingers would capture the battery with friction and the solder pads would connect the battery terminals.

Redesign with larger solder pads

This design might have worked if it were easier to keep the battery perpendicular to the card but physics don't see fit to make an exception for my whimsical business cards.

Only with careful placement and alignment would the battery stay in position and it was much too finicky to demonstrate quickly. This design, as is, is considered a failure.

Battery inserted into card

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2017-09-12 (Tu)


  1. Wow!
    Awesome business card design with 555 Timer! This design can be use by using electric circuit or resistor, capacitor or transistor. :)
    By the way, looking pretty.

    Check out some creative Construction logo design inspiration here.


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