2018-03-10 (Sa) Weekly Summary

Tim and I have both tried to utilize our non-dominant hand. He's better with his left hand than me but we both recognized the benefits. For me, using two hands is a way to do things faster and more efficiently. For Tim, the bridge between the brain hemispheres, the corpus collosum, is worth attention and exercise. We also recorded this show live and streamed on Youtube so you can see the stuff we do behind the scenes. Unedited video recording of episode 45 Show page for the edited podcast with episode 045.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

The first pass at editing is over! All seventy-eight-thousand words were poured over, given a fresh look, changed, read aloud and changed again. Some new words were added and lots of old words were deleted. I plan to go through again to replace a lot of the telling with showing and to read the book aloud. I don’t plan to start that immediately, there are some non-literary projects I want to do first. The first edit can be found in its entirety here.


I modeled a bead roller and posted it to Thingiverse. Since I use OpenSCAD for modeling, it was easy for Thingiverse to change the parameters and allow users to make bead rollers of any size they like. It was only designed for circular beads but anyone could download the code and remix it for ovals or cones.

Thingiverse page for my Parametric Bead Roller

Another copy of the TineBox was created which used thinner wires for a lower sound. The thinner wires also gave it a more musical sound although it was far from a real finger piano but much easier to make. A video will be made to complete this project and capture the sound from this project.

Two copies of the TineBox

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