2018-04-23 (M) ModuKey

Revision 0.03 was performed on the controller board and the 4x4 board. These boards were revised first since they weren't clustered with many offshoots and any mistakes don't ripple through numerous boards. It was a way to iron out the kinks before turning to the cookie-cutter boards.

The big revisions to the controller board were adding Revision numbers to each board to keep them organized online and in a parts bin. Pull-up resistors were added to the data lines as well.

On the 4x4 board, the most complex of the key-holder boards, more changes were necessary, and space started to become critical. Pull-up resistors were added to each key or terminal so the boards wouldn't have to rely on the weak programmable pull-up resistors in the IO expander chips. Revision numbers were added to the board. Another note was added which advised that key switches should be soldered last. The name was changed, so it was easier to identify than before. The reset pin was tied to a pull-up resistor, and the pin was broken out so the IO expander could be reset by jumpering it to ground.

First updated boards

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