2018-05-20 (Su) ModuKey

A Teensy-LC was purchased and header pins were soldered so it could plug into the keyboard socket. Once installed, an I2C scanner sketch was installed. There were a couple options, even one right on Arduino.cc which worked well. Neither of them showed any activity on the data lines.

Testing a serial scanner

In order to test the boards systematically, a new controller board was populated with pull-up resistors and headers. This was not connected to any of the other PCBs. One of the breakout boards for an MSP23017 chip was connected to the new controller with jumper-wires. The scanner was able to detect this board without a problem.

Testing a module known to work

This proved that the new Teensy-LC boards were working properly and the board that the controller was mounted in was functional. A continuity tester was used on the keyholder boards and it showed that the data lines were both connected to ground. Schematics for the 4x4 board revealed that half of the connectors along one edge were all messed up and that was causing the data lines to be grounded. This would have to be revised in the next iteration of boards. In the meantime, jumpers to the 2x4 board were shuffled so communication could be established between the keyholder boards. The second half of the keyboard will have to be changed as well before it can be programmed.

Getting feedback from the 4x4 board and 2x4 board

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