2018-05-30 (W) ModuKey

Loose connections between adjacent boards and through the wires was a continued problem. The links between adjacent boards were simply short lengths of straight wire soldered to the surface of the pads. This shouldn’t have been a problem because the boards were supposed to be held in place by the frame, but they were prone to breaking when the case was removed. This caused problems, but it showed that the link needed to be stronger. The old wire was removed, and hooks of wire replaced them. The hooks, just U-shaped pieces, were inserted into the pads and soldered in place. It would have been much easier to do this from the beginning.

Boards with upgraded wire connectors

The four-core cable connecting the two halves of the board was a scrap piece of audio wire found in the shop. At the time, it seemed like it would suit my purposes but it was too thick and two of the connections were supposed to be shields instead of conductors so they didn’t have any insulation like the conductors they surrounded. These wires were removed and replaced with a phone cable that had two twisted pairs of wire. This time, each conductor was trimmed to the exact length necessary to reach its terminal point. This cord didn’t need a hole in the bottom of the enclosure so maybe a new one will be cut to seal it up.

Power and data wire run between boards

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