2018-06-15 (F) Weekly Summary

I drink Soylent™ on a pretty regular basis. Alternative food is interesting so folks growing algae as a food source piqued my interest. When they said that they were improving farming machine efficiencies by orders of magnitude, that warranted an article.

The folks at K&J Magnetics write a cool blog, and I've picked up their stuff a few times. They tend to be interesting, based on sound science, and despite being a store, they aren't a sales pitch. When they wrote up their piece on successfully curving a bullet with magnets, I wanted to share it. There were compromises to the bullet curving.

My implants have no batteries, but some of the DIY implants do have them. Those batteries are large, and while qualities batteries are relatively safe, they're not ideal. MIT researchers are successfully powering implants using an antenna array and implants which can harvest that power. Humans aren't affected by the radio waves, so the power gets to the implant without interruption.

The ModuKey is nearing usability. A template was made in Excel to provide a map for the keys. It would be easy enough to print blanks of this template in the future so additional layouts could be made. The important part to note is that each color is a different mode or layer. When the mode, or layer, is switched, each key can perform a different function. The mode is switched by pressing a certain key.

Key layout

Round keys don't come in blanks. Ordering all blank keys is expensive. The cheapest way to make "blank" keys is to cover the keys. So, some black tape was cut on a laser engraver. Silver or gold marker would write legibly on the black tape. 

Usable keyboard

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