2018-06-18 (M) ModuKey

EDA improvements were started with the controller board. The first step was to change the legend from "REV 0.03" to "REV 0.04" and save it in a new file. The footprint for the four-position headers was changed to remove the silkscreen border. The SDA and SCL data lines were brought to both sides of the board, and the Teensy's secondary I2C line was given pullup resistors but not routed anywhere.

Rev 0.03 and Rev 0.04 of the controller board

All the labels on the edge pins were replaced with single-character symbols and a legend was placed on the top and bottom of the board. For cosmetic reasons, it may be taken off the top of the board before ordering. Vcc is represented by a plus symbol (+) since it'll be positive. The GND is represented by a slashed zero (Ø) so it won't be confused. SDA is simply a dot (•), and SCL is a capital L (L). A new font had to be added into EasyEDA to type the dot and slashed zero. A free sans-serif font was downloaded. Anything should work. It was also necessary to increase the size of the text to make it legible. Even if these symbols are low-resolution, they should be easy to tell apart.

Revised symbols for the connectors

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