2018-06-21 (Th) ModuKey

While transporting they keyboard in checked baggage, one of the keyswitches broke. This should not have come as any surprise, and it wasn’t. Another switch was broken when the jarring tore one of the contacts away. Some repair work was in order.

Part of the post from the keyswitch had broken off inside the keycap for the letter “F.” Options for removing it were limited, and the most practical seemed to be to drill it out from the top of the key. A small drill bit punched through the top of the keycap. Once through, the bit it was pushed through with a nut driver to keep the bit straight. Since the keycap in question normally had a bump, there wasn’t a problem with adding some more physical features. Afterward, the hole could barely be felt.

Successful post extraction

A new LED was soldered for the keyboard. This time a single LED with supporting components was discretely attached to some female header pins so it could be used without interfering with typing and still be removable. A piece of white paper was stuck to the front of the controller so the light from the LED would be obvious without looking directly into it.

Modes and their LED colors

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