2018-07-27 (F) Weekly Summary

I put more effort into this article than any other short-form article I had written before. It was about a man who built a robot banana to read internet comments. Since it was a preposterous project, the write-up was equally ridiculous, and my effort was to fill it with puns.

On a more serious note, tDCS was tested for helping stutterers speak more fluidly. The apparatus for tDCS is simple so this could make its way to the home and people could treat stuttering themselves.

Another clinical attempt to help people was with a group using optogenetics to restore hearing. This is the gene-editing version of cochlear implants.

The best way to describe my progress with the UHFImplant project was a short video where I showed the project open my garage door by scanning a tag. Since security is still low, the project is typically kept unplugged, so it cannot trigger the door by accident or hacking.

Video demonstration, 1:10

The video was shot using only the scanner's built-in antenna, so the external antenna connections were made. A solder bridge needed to be moved on the board itself, and the antenna wires inside the box were routed and fastened so they cannot damage the scanner.

Fastened antenna wires

I took a day to try modifying an NFC business card so it would not rely on LEDs for feedback. A vibrating motor and piezo element were

Vibrating motor on NFC sensing buisness card

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