2018-08-18 (Sa) Weekly Summary

I was out of town for Episode 53 since I was at DefCon 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I spent a great deal of time at the Biohacking Village and mingling with other biohackers. After this year, I want to get to the other biohacking conferences. Time spent with biohackers is never wasted.

Here is our unedited video recording (26:28) and here is the show page for the edited podcast with episode 053.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

At DefCon I got one of the badges from the Biohacking Village which was a kit for doing microfluidics. The picture is one with the dielectric layers installed. In this case, droplets can be moved around the platen using a static charge and controlled precisely without moving parts.

Jeffrey Tibbetts was at DefCon so I asked him some questions about his magnet testing. The interview also strayed into some of the mentality of the community. The purpose of talking to him was to write a blog article for Body Hacking Con. Another post will be made here when it is published.

Another ModuKey keyboard was started. This one will have more buttons than the previous version and require more deskspace. The switches will be brown, which have a clicky feel, but they are quiet.

ModuKey boards with resistor soldered in place

The only article published was called Digital Dining with Charged Chopsticks and it was about a research team who was able to electrically stimulate the tongue and trick it to report that there was more salty flavor, or more sour flavor than the recipe truly had.

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