2018-08-24 (F) Weekly Summary

A few weeks ago, some titanium nitride magnets were set in vials of salt water to soak in a test which would corrode any exposed nickel, which is the layer below the titanium. Thirty was set to soak, twenty-nine have failed long before the nine-month mark. The test was a success, but the magnets were all considered unusable for implantation.

Ergonomic typing is important and before I started making my own mechanical keyboards, I tried to make a split keyboard by using two keyboards after cutting them in half. It turns ou that cutting a keyboard in half doesn’t do you any favors. At least the keyboards in question were only cheap silicone keyboards. It’s a valuable lesson.

Destroyed keyboards

The second stage of the split keyboard idea was to put the halves onto positionable wooden blocks so they could be arranged an any configuration. The idea came from an Instructable but the method of connecting the boards was mine and it used a couple of security camera mounts joined with a coupler nut. That portion of the project worked well and could be combined with a mechanical keyboard in the future. In the meantime, the project was a failure since no keyboard was produced.

Keyboard halves in a couple of different positions

Chapter five of Charged: Ides was edited. This section was extracted from a larger portion of text and broken up according to a logical amount of story and text. Grammar was checked last week, this week the wording was revised and a lot of the telling was replaced with showing.

Report for chapter five of Charged: Ides

Another keyboard project was hatched. This one was started a long time ago. It is based on the idea that keyboards are generally too large to carrry in a pocket, much less a keychain. All the keychain-able typing devices require a steep learning curve or a cheat sheet. This is intended to be intuitive and still fit on a keychain for any moment when a keyboard, even an inconvenient one, would save the day.

Pseudo-code and ASCII table

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