2018-10-09 (Tu) ModuKey

The layout of the boards were going to rely on a completely customized panel but the mounting panels from the Vertical Split Keyboard were salvaged. The ergnonomics of the previous project were appealing and it seemed a waste to keep them unused. All the populated boards were arranged upside-down since the ICs on the bottom made them stand off the board at an inconvenient angle. Pilot holes were drilled at the scew locations and screws were temporarily installed.

Wood screws holding a board in place

Button which will rest under the thumb will be installed in a diamond pattern. This should provide an intuitive configuration and a unique look. Many other custom keyboard so this so it should be interesting to see how it feels.

Face of keyboard

In addition to the face-mounted keys, there was room for keys on the top of the platforms. These will likely be macro buttons for performing the occassional task, not regularly used buttons. Media buttons are another likely use for these.

Top-mounted ICs

The controller was mounted on the back of the left keypad where it should be hidden. Lights to indicate what layer the keyboard is currently on will have to be mounted more visibly or their intensity increased so they cast a bright light behind the keyboard.

Back-mounted controller board

ModuKey on GitHub

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