2018-10-17 (W) ModuKey

A sketch was made yesterday which showed the boards on the left-hand side of the keyboard numbered 1 through 4. This sketch was revised to illustrate the boards numbered 0 through 3. The numbers for the boards 4 through 7 were added so that all the addresses could be written as they would look when solder jumpers were applied to the address pads.

Address list for each board and stickers

Making the addresses easy to understand and read helped to get the process solidified in my head. This was done incorrectly on the first keyboard. Stickers were made for each board which used arrows to designate if the solder should make a bridge between the middle and top pads or the middle and bottom pads. Solder bridges were applied to all eight boards which had the IO expander ICs using the stickers as a guide.

Addressed boards with labels still attached

ModuKey on GitHub

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