2018-10-24 (W) ModuKey

Getting data from the IO expander proved too difficult for last evening so it was abandoned for the day and the problem was allowed to ripen. During the next day, it occurred to me that it was impossible for me to hold the IC tightly during normal operation even though that allowed communication but it would be possible to use the tension of the PCB against the wood to hold the IC in place. Screws were tightened, and the IC was pressed between the wood and PCB.

Using the PCB to hold the IC tightly

Pressure from the boards and the tweaked solder joints lead to a steady connection which could be read by the I2C scanner program. The program was slightly modified from the Arduino Playground version so it would scan fewer addresses and run more frequently.

I2C scanner picking up 0x20, the errant board

ModuKey on GitHub

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