2018-10-26 (F) Weekly Summary

The latest Modukey build kept moving along. One of the IO expander ICs had a small solder bridge, and it was causing a LOT of problems. It can be seen between the second and third pin of the picture below. This little trouble-maker cost me a full day, but it felt so good to finally find it and remove it.

Close-up of a tiny solder bridge

Despite the removed solder bridge, the communication between boards was not perfect. On a different board, the IC was not talking properly, and instead of spending forever trying to make it work, it was simply tightened onto the wood platform, so it was held tight. Not a perfect solution, but probably sufficient for now.

Chip under pressure

Onto Team Magnet Fish Spectacular, the hackathon was held on Saturday and packing for it happened on Friday. The pictures in the picture below were only the things brought from my house which I was planning to use for the hackathon. I didn't bring all kinds of stuff we might need. This didn't include some of the larger items, like a kiddy pool which took considerably more room in my car.

My assortment of hackathon parts

My 3D printer has been offline for months. The platen (printer bed) had broken, shattered actually, and needed replacement. A replacement was not in stock and included more than the broken parts, so it seemed like a waste for a 4-year-old printer. Of course, I was not about to discard it, I found affordable parts. The most troublesome part was the rigid plate needed to support the heater and printing surface. A sheet of aluminum was ordered, but it needed a few holes, not just screw holes, to make it fit.

Holey printer plate

I have been cohosting a podcast for years, and I like speaking into a microphone for an audience and voice acting seems like it could be fun and rewarding. Of course, no one is going to just give me a show to voice without a portfolio, so if I ever get the gumption to write and edit a video, I made myself a stage which can be a venue for LEGO minifigs. It will need a background, but anyone who needs a way to make simple video could benefit from such a rig.

Lit LEGO stage

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