2018-10-31 (W) Magnet Fish Spectacular

To make the fish waterproof and motorized, a magnetically coupled system was going to be built for the jaw. Inside a piece of sealed PVC pipe, there will be an array of magnets which will spin parallel to the tube. On the outside of the pipe, more magnets will move to stay near the inside magnets. In this way, there will be movement outside the pipe without any holes.

An OpenSCAD model was created which would fit inside a tube, hold three magnets, and connect to a motor. In this case, the motor would be a stepper, so the axle socket was shaped to mate with it.

Model of magnet wheel

A stepper motor and driver was connected to an Arduino for testing. The rotation was precise but slow, and there was not enough power to move a fish head. We took time to brainstorm another way to move the fish heads.

Moving a small stepper motor

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