2018-11-19 (M) Magnet Fish Spectacular

The motor and its control were my jobs. A motor was taken from the incomplete Clockwork Theremin project. It was a twelve-volt DC permanent magnet motor. Unfortunately, some of the supplies had been lost, most notably, the 2-position connector used to connect the motor to the H-bridge. This connector can be seen on the left side of the metal electrical box below. It is sometimes called an aviator connector and they can be ordered in a variety of styles with different numbers of pins.

To bypass the connector, wires were desoldered from it so that the switch could be kept in place. The switch was merely a way to disengage the motor for troubleshooting, it was not meant as a safety device.

Missing power cord and switch box

After the wires were taken off the aviator connector, the original power cord was found and it already had the mating aviator connecter soldered in place. Wires inside the electrical enclosure were soldered back in place.

Rediscovered power cord

All the ends of the wires were given crimped ferrules. I discovered how tidy crimped wire ends could be at work and bought an inexpensive crimper for this project and subsequent projects. Crimped wires, for anyone who doesn't know, are just like shoelaces with the plastic or metal ends on shoelaces. The specific name for these is aglet.

Crimped ends on low-voltage lines
Crimped ends for power supply

Angeliki and I went shopping for some project necessities. In addition to hinged fish in the project, immobile fabric fish would be part of the show and for that, we wanted to have appropriate fabric and we found two colors of fabric with scale patterns. We also had plans for covering the motor with blue water and perhaps pink for some starfish.

Fabric selections

Also during the shopping errand, Angeliki bought Ryan some coveralls so he could play the part of a country fisherman as he served as an instructor and barker for our group as community members came at the end of the hackathon.

Our group's male model, Ryan

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