2018-12-05 (W) ModuKey

Painting some of the keys was mentioned as an option earlier. This should work particularly well since the keyboard is not backlit and the double-shot keys won't reveal the keycap legend. Modeling paint from a hobby store was selected. One of the spare keys was carried into the store for comparison.

Keycaps and modeling paint in a similar color

While in the store, I neglected to pick up any paint brushes. Rather than delay, I decided to try making a painting tool myself. A scrap of paper towel was cut into a triangle with a pair of scissors and a tea intended for bubble tea was picked out of my pantry.

Ingredients for a makeshift painting tool

The paper towel section was rolled up from one end and inserted into the straw. The exposed end was similar to a pen nib but made from paper towel material. The straw was not strictly necessary, but it would have been reusable if more than one color was being used. It would have been possible to keep the paper towel rolled up with some tape, but the straw made a sturdy handle.

Makeshift paint applicator

The painting tool was dipped into the modeling paint and used to spread it over the top of the keycaps. Since the paper towel wanted to flatten, it was possible to reach every part that needed coverage in a single pass, and it did not take long to paint all the function keys except for F8. Do not tempt F8.

Painting with an improvised tool

Shortly after the first coat of paint was applied, a bit more was added to ensure the key legends were thoroughly covered.

Freshly painted keycaps

ModuKey on GitHub

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