2018-12-20 (Th) ModuKey - Cleaning Episodes

The last wire rack in the office was saved until the end because it was the biggest tragedy in the whole apartment. The bins were rarely used, the angle made it difficult to reach anything, and worst of all, this was where all the mail-order parts went before being sorted. In other words, there was a ton of tiny components here which had never been put away properly.

I owe someone an apology

Some of the bins on this rack had been sorted out while cleaning the rest of the office and this was intentional so that the task would not take two days. Nearly all of the time spent on this shelf was putting brand new parts into the correct bin. This was a tedious task only finished with the help of upbeat music and caffeine.

Tidy rack

During cleaning, many bins which were not immediately necessary were moved to the basement of my apartment. This included a few containers for projects which haven't seen any action in months. These were not cluttered, not yet, but they were not necessary for the workspace. This was also done with tools which were not needed often or too large to keep upstairs.

Basement bins

The feeling of a clean workspace makes hacking/making/writing seem a lot less frustrating. I look forward to getting back on track with some work that will probably be a lot more interesting. At the same time, I hope this impresses the importance of staying organized. I'm talking to myself.

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