2018-12-11 (Tu) ModuKey - Cleaning Episodes

Work on ModuKey had to be paused for a bit to tackle the growing problem of clutter and disarray in my work area. My desk, in particular, was an embarrassment. There were so many projects which had left their debris and other instances where the desk was used as a temporary-turned-permanent shelf. Working with the limited room was frustrating and noticeably affecting my ability to work, concentrate, and remain unfrustrated.

I assumed I could spend an afternoon cleaning, but this is a monumental project in itself, and while it is not directly related to ModuKey, it is part of the process to clean up now and then.

Enough background
Three areas in the workspace were in need of cleaning: the desk, shown below, and two wire racks with project material and bins with project-specific stuff. Cleaning the desk will be the first job.

Don't judge me

Most of the junk was able to be put into an appropriate bin. There was a bin for soldering which had spare iron tips, solder paste, solder wick, and clippers, among other tools. There was a bin for wires which had color-coded scraps, wire strippers, cable cutters, wire ferrules, and a ferrule crimper. There was a bin for SMD components where a group of colored LEDs went. This sort of organization went on all night. At the bottom was a messy desk with at least three sediment layers of project work which had to be excavated.

Detritus under the clutter

Clutter was tamed, dust was wiped away with a damp cloth, and pressurized air cleaned out the grooves on the sides of the desk. I dare say it could be called clean. The thought of taming the wire racks next makes my skin prickle.

A completely usable desk and cat bed

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