2018-12-22 (Sa) Weekly Summary

Last show we reviewed two movies which focused on futuristic themes. This show we discussed a book about genetic engineering and that tied in with some current events regarding precisely that. It was one of our longer shows, but I stepped up my editing game with some fresh hardware.

Here is our unedited video recording (39:55) and here is the show page for the edited podcast with episode 057.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

Metamaterials are about the closest thing to magic we have right now. They don't behave like anything found in nature. This structure becomes rigid in the presence of a magnet and weak outside of a strong magnetic field. Stuff like this reminded of The Dark Knight and Batman's cape which could instantly morph into a paraglider.

Fungus. Eh. I did not care one bit about fungi outside of tasty mushrooms before I watched this video and wrote this article. It was a forty-minute video, longer than I usually watch, but I wound up spending approximately ninety-minutes on it because I was pausing to write notes about the things I thought were interesting.

Pets carrying cameras and cell phones is old hat. Dogs and cats don't fly. Birds do not carry things or always come home. Do pet lizards do anything cool? Goldfish and robots don't meet. Researchers at the University of Washington built electronics small enough to sit on top of a bee. Insect ethics aside, this is impressive.

Working at a cluttered desk is less productive than working while extremely tired. I spent a full day's worth of project time giving myself two clean desks, a table, and a standing desk. It was therapeutic to see all the clutter gone from the desks.

Two clean desks

The final day of cleaning ended with a particularly cluttered shelf. It was so full that I had to weigh the likelihood of something falling off every time I took something down versus the problem of not having the thing. There was a sense of accomplishment at having a clean bedroom, which had not happened in years.

An organized shelf

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