2019-01-11 (F) Weekly Summary

I wanted pure alliteration for the title, but four in a row was pretty good. More importantly, I got excited about this new revision in functional temporary tattoos which used silver nanoparticles and liquid metal. I was surprised that readers were not nearly as enthused as me and one commenter said that it was just a sticker. I mean, it is a sticker in the same way that an antenna is just a piece of metal.

Tech Tattoos Trace Two Dimensions

Good technology does not have to be flashy, and sometimes the best technology is the stuff you do not realize is working. Vodafone in the UK is testing cell antennas that go under manhole covers rather than elevated antennas. They can be more frequently placed without being seen, and any piping system with manhole covers already has tubes under it.

Manhole Covers Hide Antennas

This one caught my eye because the finished product looks a retro-future hacker toy. The PCB for the keyboard is minimal and only uses IMT devices so it is easy to hack and the parts are inexpensive. In that regard, it is suitable for a beginner, and all the labels make it a hacker-friendly project.

Portable Pi Teensy Thumboard

Modukey's third module was programmed. This has been a slow process and probably full of errors since every single key has to be programmed eight times. The first four times are for when the button is pressed, and the last four times are for when the button is released.

Some of the code being updated

To help with the accuracy, the pictoral keymap was converted to spreadsheets and all the commands were spelled out so that the commands could easily replace the existing code with the new keystrokes. This allowed me to copy over all the code and compare it to similar code and mistake could jump out because it would look dissimilar and ensure that when a macro was used to make the changes, it would have fewer mistakes.

ModuKey spreadsheet of the keymaps

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