2019-01-18 (F) Weekly Summary

We interact with robots more each year, and purpose-built robots may have human-like parts, but most are far from humanoid so how we perceive those robots is a big deal. This project built a robot with no human-like parts and participants gauged their reactions solely on the robot's motion.

I thought this speaker was particularly charismatic. He was talking about this invention for using specialized microphones in public which are designed to be used with ingressive speaking. This keeps air from blasting into the microphone, and that allows the receiver to be held right against the lips, so eavesdropping is also reduced.

This Old Tony, the YouTube channel tore down an ultrasonic cutter after putting it through a battery of tests. His usual cutting banter made the whole video worth watching, even though I am not in the market for an ultrasonic cutter.

Wireless chargers for smart devices are mainstream, but they require a base for every single device. Eventually, we may be able to stack our devices onto a single base, and those stacked devices will pass power to the rest of the devices.

Sometimes a pretty video about a gorgeous product is enough to make it interesting enough to capture my attention long enough to write an article. This is definitely one of those examples for a device which is essentially a desk bauble or very-open-frame motor.

On this blog, when I was making the UHFImplant, I tried this exact procedure, but this team made it work. I only wanted to add a button to long-range RFID tags, but they went the extra mile by adding sensors so that tags could send back discrete data about temperature, light, and of course, button presses.

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