2019-02-07 (Th) IKEA Lamp Remount COMPLETED

In my room, I have a floor lamp with a paper lampshade. My cat likes to chew paper. These two facts equal a problem because I don't like cat teeth punctures in my lamp shades. A third fact is a tall shelf next to my bed.

Floor lamp and cat lure

Most of the weight of the floor lamp is due to the base. The idea was to mount the lamp off the ground where the cat could not reach it, and it could throw light across more of the room. The first idea was to mount it upside-down, parallel with the vertical shelf legs. In my miscellaneous bin of parts, I found some right-angle brackets which were large enough to accept a hole the size of the lamp stem.

Lamp base and sacrificial bracket

The portion of the lamp I was interested in, and also captured my cat's attention, was a hollow threaded rod which went into the hefty base and the stem. It was 0.45" or 11.5mm on the outside of the threads. The threaded rod was removed from the base and stem using pliers. All of the nuts and washers were saved.

Lamp base diameter in inches (11.5mm)

A hole was drilled into the right-angle bracket. Three bits were used to ensure a centered hole and avoid tearing the metal. First, a small pilot drill bit was used to start a hole in the center. A 1/4" (6mm) bit was used next, and a stepping drill bit was used to bring the hole to the desired size.

Hole drilled in bracket with three bits

When the lamp was mounted the first time, it sagged under its own weight. The first attempt to fix it was to pull the cord tightly as though it were a draw-bridge. This was not the most effective. The bracket was sturdy enough to hold the lamp in place well, so shims were considered as a way to angle the bracket upward. Shim probably would have worked, but it was easy enough to bend the bracket to the approximate angle and affix it to the shelf with zip ties. The bracket and zip ties were mostly hidden.

"Customized" bracket

The horizontal mounting looks better to me than vertical, probably because it no longer looks like a typical floor lamp. I am happy with the way I spent an hour or two making this improvement.

Level-sitting lamp above bed

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