2019-02-08 (F) Weekly Summary

Last week, a few steps were taken to make sure the layer was displayed in pleasing animations, and this final animation was probably the most useful since it changed the number of LEDs as well as the color. This would be useful for someone who cannot differentiate the colors, and it was also possible to merely count the LEDs to figure out which layer was active since the colors have not been associated with the layer.

Number and color indicates the current layer

When ModuKey was first designed, there was a choice of which type of keyswitches to use. The loud keyswitches were great for the person typing, but anyone around might not appreciate the constant noise, so the decision was to put noise-making apparatus, piezo elements in this case, on the keyboard. The piezo elements, speakers would also work, could change the style and be muted. In the first example, pseudo-random notes were generated each time a key was pressed. The notes would last no more than 100 milliseconds but would stop as soon as any key was released.

Pseudo-random notes (0:27)

The notes were fun to play with, but the short bursts seemed limited, so another mode was created which held the tone until a button was released. This was fun to play with but might not be ideal for typing. Or maybe it will be.

ModuKey tone demonstration (0:23)

The startup sequence was supposed to have a flashy light show, but somehow that was overwritten or lost or maybe I never actually wrote it. Whatever happened, I took some time to cycle the lights through the layer colors in a chasing sequence.

ModuKey startup lights (0:19)

The second layer was checked out after the first layer was confirmed. There were a few bugs that were worked out but the first two layers are working, and an entire blog post was written using the keyboard.

Worksheet for layer 2

After a lot of work on ModuKey, I took a break to modify an IKEA floor lamp into a horizontal lamp suspended over my bed. Most of the work was making a custom bracket to attach to my nearby shelf. The bulb inside is a color-changing wifi bulb.

IKEA lamp, now in horizontal

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