2019-04-01 (M) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

The first module wired up was for the main controls, and it was unique. The other five modules are identical in their layout and operation. Differences are only apparent in where they land, so it was imperative to do the first one correctly and learn from any mistakes. Wiring for the operators was run to the junction board and tidied up with zip ties. Wire color was ignored.
The backside of a wired module

No testing was done on the junction board before it was run to the controller prototyping board. There could be errors on either side since only one of the pushbuttons worked.
Wires from junction board to controller

Happily, the screen worked on the first try, and it even worked at the same time as the first screen to be installed. This was researched before attempting but seeing it actually work was a relief. The first screen, which says, "hello, world" is followed by the number of seconds since booting. The second screen says, "me too, world" and the number is the number of seconds until 10K. This was only done to test that the screens could be updated on both lines independently.
Two screens working in tandem

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