2019-05-11 (Sa) Little Drummer Bot LittleDB

The third mode allowed some of the settings to be changed gradually. The tempo was only settable in the tap tempo mode but increasing or decreasing the BPM granularly wasn't possible without starting over, but this new mode could add or subtract ten milliseconds with the far left buttons, which tune the tempo with fine control. The next button column changed by fifty milliseconds for coarse control.

One of the desired options was to close a relay for a few milliseconds whenever the beat cycled. The onboard LED already did this. When a mechanical relay was connected, a lot of interference affected the system, so it was taken out. The buttons that were supposed to turn it on and off were reprogrammed to chirp the piezo element.

The final row of buttons, all the way to the right, were bot programmed as MIDI panic buttons. This function had been called soft reset in the Electronic Wind Chimes project. This operation executed at startup in case a sound module or synthesizer was still connected during a computer download.

A few issues with the project became clear. The analog pressure sensor did not act uniformly for all buttons. Those farther from the center had a smaller peak than the central buttons. It would be possible to scale each input according to the pressure when it was pressed and not the highest force from any time it was pressed, the way it was currently programmed. The sound module obeyed the standard MIDI instrument arrangement, but the percussion was undocumented. In addition to being undocumented, there was more than one set with sounds that I didn't recognize from any list online.
(1:06) Changing tempo via button taps

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