2019-06-25 (Tu) PillarGame

The second iteration was a short cylinder, but it would be as tall as a two-foot (60cm) threaded rod. Wheelbarrow bearings were going to be the rotating method, but they were not available at the hardware store, and skate bearings worked all right with PVC pipe. 4" and 3/4" tubing were going to be the body and bearing holders, respectively. 4" to 2" reducers with 2" to 3/4" reducers fit the bearings to the large body.
Pillar parts

I assembled one end next to the parts to show how they went together. I was worried that the bearings would not sit centered in the PVC, but coincidentally it worked well. The inside diameter of skate bearings is 8mm (5/16"), and the outside diameter of 4" PVC pipe is 4.5" (114.3mm). Sorry for the mixed measurements, the bearings were metric, and the plumbing parts were SAE.
Parts and assembled endcap

Both ends were assembled and pressed onto a segment of 4" PVC but not securely. It was held from the bottom, so gravity held the parts together, and the bearings held everything steady. The cylinder rotated well, but it was heavy. Holding everything by hand while taking a photo burst was challenging.
Rotating PVC pillar

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