2019-06-30 (Su) PillarGame

Yesterday, a broken Arduino held up the whole works. This was discarded in favor of an Arduino Nano which was used before and known good. Female headers were used before so jumper wires connected the controller to the motor driver this time.
Motor, H-Bridge, and different controller

The only movement out of the motor was jittering. For programming, the Nano had the stepper example included with the Arduin IDE so that was modified to try to get usable movement. This failed. Two of the motor leads were reversed and this lead to predictable and controllable movement.
Rotating stepper motor

The motor's power was too low for moving a heavy cylinder at a usable speed. A stepper motor would have been desirable for this project because they do not require constant feedback to keep track of their location. A larger H-bridge was substituted but no combination of wire arrangements would make the motor spin.
Larger H-bridge that didn't work

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