2019-07-04 (Th) PillarGame

Powering devices on a rotating cylinder was always going to be a problem. One thought was to place a battery inside, but they have their issues, and there would be a considerable current draw from the LEDs. External power was necessary, so a method to convey power through sliding contacts, like a motor commutator and brushes was designed.

The parts were ordinary with the copper tape being the most exotic but thinly sliced aluminum tape could be a substitute.
Materials: copper tape, foam brush, and cable clamps

Foam brushes from the hardware store were mounted with cable clamps, also from the store. Both of these parts were tested in the store to ensure a snug fit. When the brush handles were fastened, they were kept loose enough that they could be rotated with a bare hand.
Brush mounted

The copper tape went around the reducer in two rings. These formed a slip ring configuration. Unlike a motor's commutator and brush, these maintain polarity whereas a DC motor will alternate it.
Copper conductor rings

More copper tape was added to the foam brushes and spaced so the copper would align with the rings on the PVC reducer. The elasticity of the foam should keep contact between the copper so that power inside the cylinder will not be interrupted.
Conductive "brushes" made from brushes

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