2019-07-16 (Tu) PillarGame

Data types transmitted across the radio modules were sorted, so it was time to try to do something with that data instead of just printing it to the serial monitor. The reliability wavered from time to time, and small code changes seemed to break everything for no reason. A simple test was written to test for what was wrong. The code changed an LED on or off when a particular number was received. This green LED can be seen connected to the board on the left of the picture below. When the orange jumper on the right board was grounded, it transmitted the number to turn off the LED continuously. It would be several seconds before the receiving board got that message amid lots of noise.
Insufficient data rate

The boards moved away from my office, where they were subject to the worst electromagnetic interference of the apartment. The idea that noise could be the culprit was that my iPad was sitting next to the modules, whereas this was not the case other days. Since the hackathon will be in a room with a whole lot of routers, computers, phones, and wireless peripherals, these rudimentary modules will not be reliable. Bluetooth seems like the next logical solution.
Interference source?

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