2019-08-26 (M) PillarGame

The angle of the pillar in relation to the player must be known at all times. An encoder will be constructed right on the cylinder by reading dark and light stripes with an IR emitter-sensor module. The old plan was to cut strips of black electrical tape and space them around the white PVC. This would probably work, but I wanted to try finding craft tape with the stripes already printed. Washi tape, tape from bamboo fiber, was in fashion, and there were lots of colors and patterns. The best match was diagonal lines, but they were evenly spaced.
Selection of decorative tape

The IR unit was mounted at a reasonable height so the tape could be aligned as I spun the cylinder. It was not vital that the tape begin and end on the same iteration of the pattern, and in this case, a white segment will be slightly wider than the subsequent black sections. A home position sensor will go here to eliminated ambiguity.
Tape wrapping around the cylinder

All around the cylinder, the tape was kept at the same height, and the sensor should be able to track well. Since the stripes are angled, it will be necessary to angle the sensor, but this essentially makes the reading width more significant, which should work to my advantage when reading the black and white tape.
Sensor meeting the tape

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