2019-09-01 (Su) PillarGame

Two reed switches were doubled up in the hopes of making a more reliable magnet sensor that was less prone to bouncing. It was sealed in E6000 adhesive and allowed to dry but some of the glue-covered the switch leads on one side, and it did not strip off. The new butane soldering iron I have quickly converted to a torch and burnt the leads clean of residue. Do this outside or better yet, clean the glue off the wires before it dries.
Scorched adhesive residue

A layer of molten solder burned off more of the residue. I was afraid to twist the leads together, so I used a lot of solder between the pair of leads, and when I added conductors for the controller, they sat between the spaced components.
Soldered leads

The final protective layer was heat-shrink tubing. By the end, the glass switches were covered in tape, sealed in glue, contained in a plastic straw, all inside the heat-shrink. This was still small enough to fit inside a 1/4" (25mm) cable clamp. One of the posts mounting a motor held the switch. Magnets were stacked on the PVC until they triggered the switches. Every time the pipe reaches this point in the rotation, the controller will know that the pillar is in the HOME position and reset itself accordingly. The rest of the time, it will rely on the encoder counts from the striped tape.
Installation point for HOME sensor

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