2019-09-15 (Su) PillarGame

The lowest level of lights was still problematic. I thought that maybe the solder joints were causing trouble so I hit them with a soldering iron. I made sure there was nothing between the power lines and data lines, like scrap wire or solder splatter.
Butane soldering iron to the rescue

It seemed to work and I thought I was good. As of writing this, the problem still persists. The problem could be a faulty node. Shorting the IN/OUT data lines of one light at a time should isolate the problem so the broken one can be identified and replaced.
All lights cooperating

I added a HELP menu to each Arduino. This way, if someone is playing around with a serial terminal and cannot remember a command name, or how to use a command, they can type "help" and get an explanation. Each module will respond differently based on the commands they are capable of fulfilling.
Help menu print

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