2019-10-06 (Su) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_Handheld

It was not possible to move the potentiometer slider to each end of travel. Long machine screws were the only option, and they were so long they interfered with the wiper on the inside of the device. The screws were 2.5mm diameter and difficult to find in US hardware stores, but 3mm screws were more readily available. A 3mm tap modified the screw holes. The bit had to be used in a drill because starting the tooling by hand made it too easy to wiggle it and damage the holes.
Tapping potentiometer mounting holes

Inputs were tested by writing a test program to poll them and print the received values. Every input was wired correctly, but the potentiometers only seemed to output reasonable numbers at the center of their travel. It was also news to me that the resolution of the ESP32 was four times greater than an ATMEGA328P, the default controller on Arduino.
Good checks on the inputs

Once the inputs were in working order, code migration started. Much of the code written for the main EWC was not going to apply since it relied heavily on numerous inputs and screens, while this version will have minimum inputs and no screens.

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