2019-10-15 (Tu) PillarGame IoTHackDay

The PillarGame PillarClock chapter of this project finished but there needed to be some changes to make everything ready for the hackathon. Some might say it needed some polish, but it would be safe to say that polish was a few steps away. For one, the table was unfinished lumber and MDF, which was not presentation quality in my mind. I wanted to add an aesthetic top and a table skirt. We also need a way to transport the pillar with my car without damaging it.

First, I set about making a table skirt, and Angeliki decided that black would be the most logical. I took table measurements and bought 24 feet (7.3m) to go around the 16 foot (4.8m) perimeter. It needed to be roughly 33 inches (0.8m) tall, but a standard fabric bolt was 48 inches (1.2m), so that was easy to find.

I brought the material to my mom's house, where she had a sewing machine set up. I expected to do the work myself with her help, but she took the lead, and I was her assistant. When my brother came over, he was deputized alongside me.
Official team members

The top hem of the skirt was an inch (25mm) wide, but the bottom was over four inches (100mm), so we would not have to cut any fabric. Its weight may keep it in place, or I could install some bead chain in the bottom to weigh it down. It will be bunch up at the corners where snaps will hold it to the table.
8 yards of sewn fabric

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