2019-10-18 (F) Weekly Summary

I found this YouTube video of a European hacker who turned a stock speaker into a surface transducer while making my surface transducers. His approach was solid and worth writing about.
Everything Makes Sound if You Try Hard Enough

The EWC_Handheld needed a different method of playing notes to produce sound on multiple channels with a time offset. The time offset would not be more than the time between notes, so there was a maximum of two notes per channel. From that information, I was able to create an array broad enough for two notes on each channel and implement the time delay.
EWC_Hanheld notes in serial feedback

Adding the time offset was the last piece of the EWC_Handheld, so it was time to record a final video with narration. It wasn't the most ambitious Electronic Wind Chime, so I did not spend the time to make a proper voice track. I narrated while recording, and the microphone added some static on its own, but the MIDI sound was clear.
(2:29) Narrated EWC_Handheld video

The PillarClock was completed, but I needed more work on the construction before it was ready for the hackathon. The first thing was to cover the underside, which had exposed electronics and visible motors. Presentation tables often use table skirts which hide the table legs, but I wanted one that would fit the table perfectly, so I bought plain black material and my family helped sew it up neatly.
Newest team members

The table skirt still needed to connect to the table, but in the meantime, I added a new top with reversible panels. One side featured a dry-erase surface, and the other surface was shiny black polyurethane. It may have been wiser to paint the existing tabletop, but the removable panels are also practical.
Tabletop surfaces

The next step was attaching the table skirt, and I chose snap rivets. One component punched through the fabric, and the other half had a wood screw to embed in the tabletop. I picked this over hook-and-loop strips because Velcro has a rough edge, and we plan to sit at the table for twelve hours, and if we rest our arms or wrists on the table, it will abraid them all day.
Magnetically tacked table skirt

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