2019-10-25 (F) Weekly Summary

While I wrote about the PegLeg implant, I thought it would be cool to have a PirateBox of my own. I ordered the parts to make a basic model, and then I upgraded it to use a Qi coil for power. The micro USB on the side still worked too. I purchased an inexpensive flash drive, but that was eventually upgraded to a low-profile model. For the low cost and low effort, a PirateBox is a powerful tool.
PirateBoxQi on a charger

I kept working on the table for the hackathon, so it would be presentation-ready. Along the edges, I stuck some black electrical tape to hide the brown, which went a long way to cleaning up the look.
Neat table edges

Transporting the tall pillar would be a chore, so I took measurements to buy materials that would make an enclosure. The construct would have to be able to fit all around the pillar so it could lie on its side and be carried without touching the fragile sides.
Pillar dimensions

It took an evening and a couple of imperfect measurements on my part to make a long crate. I wanted it to be wind-resistant, so I could put it on the back of my car, but I left it open so it will have to ride in the cab with me.
Pillar cozy

Another Electronic Wind Chime project would be part of the, hackathon and this version would feature escalating soundscapes. At least, that was the hope. Ideally, a player will start with calm-sounding instruments playing, but as they approached the end of the game, the tempo would increase, and the instrument selections would become more ominous. First, I had to build it, and that started with a bunch of stuff from the surplus store.
EWC_Presenter parts and dimensions

For a cover, the EWC_Presenter would get a laser-cut faceplate, and for that, I needed some new drafting software, and I found QCAD. After using AutoCAD for years, QCAD made a lot of sense right of out the box. In trial mode, it runs on all my Linux and Windows machines, but I have to restart the program every fifteen minutes to appease the trial limitations. It also exports prandom lines on SVG files to remind me that purchasing the program will remove those. At $40, QCAD is probably worth the money. I will try LibreCAD first, which is free.
Draft of faceplate

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