2019-11-03 (Su) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_Presenter

Packing up after the hackathon resulted in some damage to the EWC_Presenter. One end must have hit the tile floor and broken off two of the mounting holes, and something ripped off the line-out port of the MIDI shield. This particular board featured an onboard amplifier, so speakers will be integrated.
Damage 1
Damage 2

A new faceplate was designed to accommodate the broken parts. Two speaker holes were added at the top, unneeded bolt holes were removed from the keypad, and a new footprint was added for serial ports. The serial port was intended from the beginning, but it would have been side-mounted to save space. With the speakers, it seems logical to add them to the top and move forward.
Revised drawing

The design was cut on the laser, and parts were test fitted to make sure the dimensions were correct. Both speakers were an old surplus store purchase, but they were ordinary 8Ω, 2W speakers, so within the specs of the amplifier. All the serial port connections were going through a 2x10 header socket.
Test fitting components

A hole had to be drilled in the keypad to add support on the left side. Caps were cut for the potentiometers to improve the aesthetic of bare posts. A bottom was also cut from clear plastic, which did not have any of the internal cut holes. This was also a way to test the laser settings before spending time on the full faceplate. Perhaps if the bottom piece had been installed when the device was dropped, it would not have sustained so much damage.
Components in the new faceplate

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