2019-11-04 (M) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_Presenter

All digital information going in or out of the EWC_Presenter went through the USB p.ort. For a few things, like passing data from a remote game to here, it will be easier to expose the serial data lines going to the controller. These data pins are on terminals 0 and 1, but there are also software serial terminals on pins 2 and 12. A diagram was sketched, which placed all the serial data lines into a 2x10 header strip for easy access. The arrangement was such that a standard USB↔serial device could be plugged directly but not make the CTS and RTS connections. Similarly, a Bluetooth breakout board can be installed. The row below exposes the MIDI pins, right next to Vcc and GND, and a couple of analog inputs for future use.
Jumpered terminals

Before installing the protoboard to the faceplate, jumpers were added to connect all the similar pins, like GND to GND and Vcc to Vcc. The board was tightened in place, and all the wires from the Arduino were trimmed, cut, and stripped. Wires were soldered from behind to keep them hidden from above. Standoffs between the board and faceplate kept the header socket nearly flush with the faceplate.
Installing protoboard

The line-out port on the MIDI shield had been ripped off in the damage, as I mentioned before, but limiting the device to onboard speakers was impractical. Three wires were soldered to the surface-mount pads, tied around a zip tie, and run to a headphone socket. This socket will replace the MIDI input, which was a future scope, not a necessity.
Trying to salvage the line-out

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