2019-11-07 (Th) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_Presenter

When I added the time offset code, I had to double the playable notes array and to do that, I added a third dimension. Here is a lesson about multi-dimensional arrays for Arduino. This should not have been a problem, but I confused myself when I added the dimension to the third position of the array declaration, but in the code, I referenced it as though it were in the first position. Some of the time, this wasn't a problem because I consistently wrote to the wrong spot, and looked in the wrong spot, but it created confusion when those two did not line up. Additionally, one dimension of that array was smaller, 2 versus 16, so I would inadvertently write to the wrong place, and I might read from that place before it became a problem. Still, it would be changing the information in the wrong spot. Once I corrected this issue, some of the bugs with the regular mode also disappeared. It was a good day.
Testing the slider for continuous sound

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