2019-11-16 (Sa) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_Presenter

The purpose of  EWC_Presenter was to act as an interface between a computer and a synthesizer, so today, I tackled serial interfacing. I started by copying code from a previous project, PillarGame. Everything I copied was from a project where I was learning about serial communication for the first time, and it was full of band-aids and sloppy code, so it promptly broke everything. I save a copy of my work when I make a single change that works, so I scrapped everything from the day. I suspected that one of the problems I was facing was a low-memory issue, so I converted my costly print statements to flash memory using the F() syntax and gained 12% storage, which was enough to keep me in the black.

Now that I had a stable program and a fresh, safe copy, I started over with the serial communication, and this time, I went through the ReadASCIIString tutorial. Here, I found the parseInt function, which would have helped immensely in the PillarGame project, and after it was in place, I had successful serial communication and recognition.

The tempo would not recognize changes. Instead, it was stuck at whatever rate it was when the mode went into effect. I had to shuffle a few sequences around in the code where the tempo was set, and then I was able to control the music through a serial interface just like it was using the potentiometer.
Hardware and serial feedback

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