2019-11-18 (M) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_Presenter

I wanted to be able to trigger the noodling function remotely so I could build a remote panel people could tap or twist without touching the core buttons. There was a touch-sensitive module on my shelves that already had header pins, so I wanted to use that. The issue with that is that without pull-down resistors, Arduino will expect sinking inputs, and these modules work like sourcing units. Most likely, I will change to a mechanical switch in the future, so I wrote the code to look for the input's state during startup, record it, and presume that is the resting state of the switch, and a change will mean the switch has been activated.
My code worked, but I rewrote all my rising edge code and made the mistake of leaving the rising edge bit high as long as the button was pressed, which resulted in a new note being played every time the switch was scanned which made a racket. I am glad the device was not connected to an amplifier. I thought it was a case of debouncing, and added a cool-down timer, but of course, that did not help. Once I spotted and fixed the problem, it worked beautifully.
(0:11) Demonstrating external trigger

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