2019-12-03 (Tu) MIDIGlocken

I needed to get nine wires from my relay module to the glockenspiel. I already picked out the connector, so I knew how thick of a cable I could fit. The options on my shelf held more than nine conductors, or they used thin wire for signaling and data, but I needed to run small loads.
Available multi-conductor cables

I decided to try making my own cable from salvaged conductors and heat-shrink tubing. The tube came from the local surplus store, and the scrap wire came from my work. There were eight unique conductor colors, so I used two black wires. Typically, multi-conductor cables twist the wire into a helix, so everything stays flexible, and I maintained that inside the tubing. At the connector end, I soldered each wire to a numbered pin and added heat-shrink tubing small enough to cover a single conductor.
Shrink-tube over connector pins

I had some trouble reconnecting the connector sleeve because of the tightly packed wires. Most of the tubing was not shrunk, but I may change that after I test the homemade cable and confirm that everything works. Making a custom sheathed cable was a, lot of work, but it should be a clean solution.
Homemade 9-conductor cable and connector

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