2019-12-04 (W) PhonoMug

Each Thanksgiving, I make a simple project for a couple of my cousins that they can take home with them. It is science/maker related, and this year, I wanted to make something that could demonstrate how some musical instruments generate sound. One-and-a-half years ago, I made TineBox, which was a cross between a finger piano and a cigar box guitar. Some of the concepts for this year's project come from TineBox, but I did not want to rely on something that needed a cigar box.

This year's brainstorming resulted in PhonoMug, which uses tines, but instead of requiring a particular cavity, this one will be able to move around. I hope people can experiment with different things, like a coffee mug, drinking cup, wine glass, or just hold it in the air.

Enough background
I made a few sketches that illustrate how I plan to make a circular plate with a soundhole, like an acoustic guitar, and suspend tines over the device with a few layers. Everything will be cut on a laser cutter, so I will probably make a few iterations.
Sketches of a reed holder to fit on a mug

After the paper sketches, I drew up plans in CAD and converted them for the laser cutter. The red lines are, for cutting and the yellow lines are to make a small score on the surface. The angled scores in the arc pieces are to form little grooves to keep the tines pointed in the correct direction.
Draft of parts

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