2019-12-05 (Th) PhonoMug

I scheduled a timeslot to cut my first design on the laser cutter. I have been able to find suitable scrap plastic each time I cut something, and this time, I found some acrylic sheets large enough for my project.
Cutting acrylic parts

The first iteration cut the guidelines too deeply, so they broke apart quickly, and instead of an arc with six grooves, I had an arc that broke apart in six places. There was a notice on the machine that one of the parts had been replaced, and that increased the output power. I should have been more conservative with my power settings.
Fragile parts in pieces

I made enough sturdy pieces to assemble one instrument. The thin arcs allowed the tines to wobble in place, so it was impossible to get reasonable sound or tune anything.
Impossible to tune

While in the laser room, I made a design change that added an anchor piece at the bottom of the circle. This new piece has six grooves that lined up with the thin arc.
Plastic PhonoMug

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