2019-12-15 (Su) MIDIGlocken

When I connected the relays to the glockenspiel, I had two problems. The first issue was that a couple of the wires were swapped. Since I will not be making more than one, and this is not an example for other people to build from, I will correct this in software. The next issue was that the note on the far right would not trigger, which I assumed to mean an unconnected wire in the cable or instrument.
Continuity on wire

The continuity test was inconclusive. I could see conductivity, but the coil resistance was so low, approximately 20Ω per coil, that it was deceptive. I removed the wire from its landing spot and tested again, but I still saw a good connection between the relay and the coil.
Desoldered wire on solenoid eight

I reconnected everything and found that the issue was not electrical, the problem was that the steel band on the lever was too far from the magnet. This difference in clearance was an issue with warping in the toy. When I pressed the soundboard firmly against the base, it pushed the key into place again.
Applying pressure to the soundboard

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